Sustainability week


Sustainability Week is the biggest student sustainability project in Switzerland. It takes place every spring semester on the UNIL-EPFL campuses and in more than 20 Swiss universities and colleges.

The aim of the week is to raise students’ awareness of sustainability and ecological issues. Through its engaging and entertaining presentation, it provides tools for understanding the social, economic and ecological issues at stake, as well as giving pointers on how to take action.

During this week, many workshops, talks, exhibitions and concerts will take place on both UNIL and EPFL campuses.

All these activities are open to all in order to foster reflection and exchange around sustainability issues in the whole campus community.

Incomplete schedule of the 2024 edition, from 4 to 8 March* :

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*The english planning is not yet full. We advice you to check the french planning the time for us to translate everything. Thanks for your comprehension.

Sustainability Week is organised by the Unipoly committee and is in line with Unipoly policy. Here are a few principles that are particularly important to us: 

  • All events are open to all, free or at open pricing.
  • Aperitifs at events are entirely vegetarian or vegan.
  • Guests can’t take the plane to take part in our events.
  • We refuse to give an advertising or consumerist dimension to our events and other activities.

If you’re interested in joining the staff you can contact us by email at